COVID-19 UPDATE: We are not currently accepting applications from the general public. We will update the site when we know more about what's happening in future months. For now, if you have been invited to apply, you may use the password you have been given to access the application and payment tabs. You're welcome to reach out if you have questions or concerns. Thank you!
Your application must be processed before you can pay membership dues. Once the community approves your application, follow the appropriate links on the pages that follow to pay for the correct seasonal term. Our schedule for the year can be viewed below.

Our processes for registering for classes is currently in transition, so we'll let you know how to complete that step. For now, it's best to review legal requirements regarding the volunteer work you'll do with the co-op.

PA law now requires that all members have background clearances and complete mandated reported training. Any adult who might teach, monitor other people's children, or assist with field trips must pursue these steps. If you have questions or concerns about this, please reach out to your liaison or Assunta Grobels ( If you do not already have clearances for the state of PA, please follow the link to "next steps" to pursue that process:

fall 2021

Dates TBD.

We're typically off for

Election Day and once in late November

winter 2021-22

Dates TBD.

We're typically off for four weeks at the end of December and into January.

spring 2021

Please register for the
entire trimester.

Tuesdays: 3/9 - 5/11

Fridays: 4/9 - 6/4

Meet-ups can happen at any place and any time/day throughout the spring term--online and in-person.