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Your application must be processed before you can "join" below. Once the community approves your application, follow the appropriate link below to register for the correct seasonal term. 

Our processes for registering for classes is currently in transition, so we'll let you know how to complete that step. For now, it's best to review legal requirements regarding the volunteer work you'll do with the co-op.

PA law now requires that all working members have background clearances and complete mandated reported training. Any adult who might teach, complete nonteaching hours, or assists with field trips must pursue these steps. If you have questions or concerns about this, please reach out to your liaison or Assunta Grobels (suegrobels@gmail.com). If you do not already have clearances for the state of PA, please follow the link to "next steps" to pursue that process:


If you are new to the

co-op, please wait until your application has been processed to join.

If you have previously been a part of the community,
feel free to pay for each trimester at the link provided.

Information about your log in and class registration will be sent once payment is processed or arrangements have been made.

fall 2019

Please register for the entire trimester.

Session 1: 9/10 - 10/8
Session 2: 10/15 - 11/19

Off: 11/5 (Election Day)
11/26 (Fall Holiday)

winter 2019-20

Please register for the entire trimester.

Session 1: 12/3 - 1/28
Session 2: 2/4 - 3/3

Off: 12/17 - 1/7
(Winter Holiday)


spring 2020

Please register for the
entire trimester.

Session 1: 3/10 - 4/17
Session 2: 5/5 - 6/2

Off: 4/14 - 4/28
(Spring Break)

Shortened Days: 5/26 & 6/2
(Membership Meeting &
Field Day)

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