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Welcome to the New Website!

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Greetings in 2020 from our new website! For those who are curious about the co-op: Welcome! We're happy you're interested in what we're up to! If you're interested in membership, this new hub should offer enough information to answer a lot of basic questions and learn how who to connect with to continue the conversation. If you'd like to pay fees, please note that this website is very new and still under construction--so these features might not work as smoothly as possible just yet. You can apply this way but your liaison will walk you through payment. We'll update this blog once the online payment options are ready to launch. For members: If you are new to this community, it might be easier to get used to some of the changes that will take place over the next few weeks and months. For those who have been around a while, we'll try to take things slowly. Please use the following guidelines as you use the new site: 1. Membership/password-protected pages: Please do not create a log-in or access those pages until the Admin/Tech committee has emailed the group with instructions and can walk you through its features. Eventually, those pages will house our handbook and other important documents, a forum, community directory, etc. in addition to serving as the way we'll register for classes. For now, leave it be and explore the page without worrying about what's coming in the future. 2. Payments: We haven't yet set up the payments feature to connect to the co-op's bank account. Again, when that feature is ready, we'll send out alerts so that you know. Our goal is to have all of this feature available for Spring registration. 3. Share opportunities to visit with your friends! We'll post them in the "visit" tab. Right now, open house is listed--but more opportunities might follow.

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